4 July 2012 § Leave a comment

My Internet’s been down for awhile. I think it’s back now, but my Mac won’t connect to it via whatever (ethernet, wi-fi, etc.). We will hopefully figure this out soon. In the meanwhile, my friends are very generous with their internet access.

We’re into July. Which means heat, humidity, and rainy season. All the same, it’s a nice time to get out and do things. I biked down to one of Osaka’s larger parks and went to the botanical gardens there for the first time. I was surprised by how big it was and somewhat regretted having not gone before when I lived much closer. June was rather uneventful, especially seeing as I was working more than usual and it’s the only month without any national holidays (I think?). I held another poetry reading. It was the fifth one (maybe?), and it’s now been over a year since the first one. Around 7 people read, and close to 30 people attended. I’m really happy with how they’re going. Had another improv show at the end of the month in Kobe. There were only five of us from the group performing that night. It was a lot of fun and, unlike usual, most the the audience was Japanese. I made an effort to speak some Japanese while on stage, but kept it minimal.

I’ve seen some interesting, strange things, but having not made any notes of them, I’ve forgotten most of them. A girl on the subway with a big pink purse with big black lettering on it reading “GANG BANG”. A Proactiv (Acne Treatment) vending machine. That’s all I can remember right now.

Since my last post, I’ve been complimented a few more times on my English. One day I might just go along with it, accept the compliment, and carry on with the rest of the conversation like it’s my second language.

July will also be rather uneventful, I think. Most of my money is going towards my trip to Europe next month. I’ve finalized nearly all of my transportation getting to, from, and around Europe, as well as my accommodations. I’m not sure how I feel about traveling alone for the first five days, but staying in a hostel, there’s a good chance I’ll meet some people there.

That’s all for now. I’m certain I have more interesting things to say, observations beyond simply what’s been happening. But for now, this. Internet soon, and so too more posts! Hope you’re all having a wonderful summer, wherever you are!



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26 April 2011 § 2 Comments

My laptop charger is busted! I’m not impressed! There is one on its way from China for me, and I am trying to wait patiently for its arrival. In the meanwhile, a few friends in my apartment building have been kind enough to allow me some time on their laptops, and right now, I’m borrowing a charger from a girl downstairs. Here are a few updates from the past little while:

1. One of my students gave me an article (in English) about dating in Japan. She thought I might find it interesting. Dating isn’t on my list of things to do in Japan, but it was nice of her to think of me during her week.

2. I found another awesome park a short bike ride away from my apartment. I am excited to spend some time there.

3. Found a bottle of Niagara wine for the first time the other night. Every time I am at a store with a large wine selection, I look to see if there’s anything from Niagara. Finally, I was at some place last night that had an empty Peller Estates ice wine bottle on a shelf. It made me happy to see.

4. I’m setting up a poetry reading event in downtown Osaka in mid-June. I’m really excited about this. Going to put an ad in a monthly publication about it. Hopefully I can get a few people to come out and read some original poetry! I’ve been asking around a bit about a poetry scene, but no one knows anything. I saw an ad for a poetry reading back in March, open mic for original pieces, advertised as free, but was taking place at a restaurant and anyone attending was required to buy a dinner set (4000 yen later… approx. 48 dollars). Might as well go ahead and set something up myself!!

5. I figured out some kanji for my name tonight. There are a lot of different ways to write Emi in kanji, but I think the one I’ve figured out is what it’s supposed to be. The kanji I’ve got for “mi” means beautiful, and the kanji that I chose for “e” means smile. One of the other popular kanji for “e” means painting or picture, but I seem to recall my parents telling me that my name means smile…

6. Two more shifts and then a week off!! (Well, with the exception of the two days of overtime I’ve picked up).

7. If anyone in the Niagara area doesn’t have any plans for this FRIDAY, April 29th, check out the St. Catharines Downtown Market sometime between 11AM and 8PM. Rachael Forgeron is selling some of her jewelery which is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Check out some of her stuff HERE ON ETSY. She’s been doing this for years and her experience and passion for her craft is evident. A nice trip to the market downtown on a Saturday afternoon – sounds kinda nice, doesn’t it?

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