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6 March 2011 § Leave a comment

If I had no self control, I would end up spending all of the money I earn in Japan on pretty clothes and sweets. Just got back from wandering around a huge food shopping area filled with massive amounts of sweets. Cakes, mochi, breads, candies, anything you can think of. And they’re all so cute and smell so good. There are tons of these places. A couple days ago, as I went looking for salt and vinegar chips (I eventually found a bag of Lays! success!), I had to walk up six or seven stories of a huge mall with fantastic clothes. I’m not even that huge on fashion, but after being in Japan, I might be converted.

But I did not spend all of my money on sweets or clothes. I bought granola, which I found at the foreign food store. They also carry oatmeal. I didn’t buy any as I have some that my mom sent over, but when I get through that, I know where to go!

I also picked up my Alien Registration Card at the ward office today. I am a registered alien.


a month later.

3 March 2011 § 1 Comment

This week has flown by. I had Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday off. That was nice. Normally I will just have two days off. I’ve met some more people. That’s been cool.

I met a teacher at work today who said she’s from Canada. After a bit of talking, I found out that she lived in St. Catharines for quite some time before moving to Toronto. I guess that’s what happens. You move to the other side of the country and you meet someone who you probably saw at the store all the time in your own city but never even said hi to them. Why would you? She was nice. Told me where I can find salt and vinegar chips around here (they’re not a normal flavor in Japan), and told me about her apartment becoming available in a few months, which I might look into. It was an altogether boring shift today, but that made it all worth while!

I bought a bike on Monday. It is pretty cool. It doesn’t have gears. It’s silvery blue. It has a nice big basket on the front. And a biking-powered light. I am excited about it. I have a bike back home (beginning to think I might even have two?), but I hardly used it (them?). I was so reliant on driving. And I probably will be again when I go back. For now though, this is awesome.

My other big excitement this week was a trip to the Osaka Costco. It was amazing. It’s sort of pricey, but I could find normal sized containers of peanut butter (and giant ones), and bagels (very hard to find regularly), and big bags of almonds, and raisins. We mostly went just to find where it was and see what it offered, so we’ve planned to go back after we get paid. I couldn’t find oatmeal though. I’m pretty upset about the lack of oatmeal around here. My parents have recently supplied me with some (many thanks!), but I had to request them to send instant oatmeal because I have also been unable to find brown sugar. I’m sure it’s around and I just can’t read the label. So along with another trip to Costco, we’ve planned to go find an international food store and check out what’s offered there.

And finally, my last big excitement of the week: getting e-mails from friends on my phone. E-mail and Facebook are great for keeping in touch, but getting something instantly on my phone feels different. I guess that would be one reason I might feel tempted to buy an iPhone, but that’s also sort of the reason I didn’t want to buy one. There is something wonderful though about your phone going off when you’re feeling homesick and opening it up to find a message from someone back home.

Nothing particularly introspective or insightful today. Just updates!

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