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31 December 2011 § Leave a comment

Only a couple days left at home. Christmas was splendid, spent with my family and relatives. The first several days home were really difficult between this cold, which I’m still battling (I think it’s winning), and the jet lag. The latter isn’t so bad now, but I’ve been staying up too late. ¬† With the exception of a couple days, I think it’s actually been warmer here than it has been in Osaka. I was hoping for freezing cold and lots of snow, but apparently it’s a little early for that.

Last night was my friend’s annual gingerbread party, the twelfth or thirteenth one. A Christmas season necessity. We went with a Mario theme this year, creating a two-tiered base on which to place various Mario related items, including bricks with treats in them, stars, flowers, pipes, Yoshi, mushrooms, and Koopas.

I went on a grocery run the other day and bought numerous items which aren’t available in Japan. Shreddies, gravy mix, various canned soup (all I can find in Japan is corn chowder and clam chowder), granola bars, etc. Between various clothes that I dug out of bins and the groceries, I won’t have any trouble filling up my suitcase, which I brought over filled with gifts for almost everyone I know.

Being back home after eleven months in a foreign country, there isn’t actually too much that I’ve noticed upon my return. You know.. how maybe I’d notice lots of little things that I hadn’t before, like maybe how store employees aren’t as polite as those in Japan (though I have¬†noticed this, in fact). I’ve enjoyed people holding the door for me, and visa versa. I’ve been tipping generously everywhere I go, as I’m not supposed to tip in Japan. I’m more talkative with people in stores than I used to be, just because I can be (which is to say we understand each other.. the things we take for granted, right?).

Eleven days isn’t enough, really. There are people I’d love to see, people I’d love to sit down for tea and talk at length with. Being back has given me a lot to think about with regards to what I’ll do about coming home for good. Mostly what goals I have for when I’m back in Ontario.

Most imminent goal right now? Have a satisfying New Years, which involves not going to any parties. Maybe I can catch up on some sleep.


pretty things and aliens.

6 March 2011 § Leave a comment

If I had no self control, I would end up spending all of the money I earn in Japan on pretty clothes and sweets. Just got back from wandering around a huge food shopping area filled with massive amounts of sweets. Cakes, mochi, breads, candies, anything you can think of. And they’re all so cute and smell so good. There are tons of these places. A couple days ago, as I went looking for salt and vinegar chips (I eventually found a bag of Lays! success!), I had to walk up six or seven stories of a huge mall with fantastic clothes. I’m not even that huge on fashion, but after being in Japan, I might be converted.

But I did not spend all of my money on sweets or clothes. I bought granola, which I found at the foreign food store. They also carry oatmeal. I didn’t buy any as I have some that my mom sent over, but when I get through that, I know where to go!

I also picked up my Alien Registration Card at the ward office today. I am a registered alien.

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