it’s April and I’ve been here two months now!

2 April 2011 § Leave a comment

Some days, there are a million things I want to remember to mention on here because I think they are interesting. But then when I actually sit down to write anything, my mind draws a blank. What I find happening sometimes is that I’ll think something’s really cool or interesting, but after even a short amount of time passes, it doesn’t seem as cool or interesting and so why write about it?

I’m keeping busy. Which is good, because I find I get mopey when I’m not busy. My days off are spent running around doing things, even when I sort of just want to chill out in my apartment for a few hours and relax. I am still in that frame of mind where I feel like I need to go see something on every day off. Maybe I’ll get over this. I don’t think it’s my being new here that’s motivating me to always be going to see things so much as the idea that I’ll only be here a year and well, there’s a lot to see.

This past week, I made trips to the Umeda Sky Building and Nara Park. I also tried a nice Thai restaurant (not as good as the one I worked at back home, but it’ll have to do) and a falafel restaurant. The Sky Building was neat for getting a good view of the city. It’s amazing the way it just stretches on and on. I don’t really feel like I saw “city” back in Canada when I see some of the cityscapes here. On one hand they’re breathtaking, but at the same time, they also emphasize the lack of green space. Osaka’s especially concrete and grey. I haven’t been yet, but I hear that Tokyo has a lot of green in it. ¬†Beautiful areas and parks and places full of trees are just a short distance away though. Thankfully.

Nara Park was beautiful. I’ll be going back. We didn’t get there until late in the afternoon.. My day was slow to start. It was mild out, trees are starting to blossom, and it was in the middle of the week and not busy whatsoever. We took our time wandering around, not sure where we were going, but going down whichever way the paths took us.

This weekend and next weekend are viewing times for cherry blossoms (Hanami). I’m going to a couple of get togethers tomorrow, and still figuring out what to do next weekend. I’m excited. This is one of those things I remember learning about when I was 10, and have always always always wanted to see the cherry blossoms in Japan (well, since I learned about them, anyway).

I’ve started my contract for the next year. Started April 1, goes through til March 31, 2012. ¬†I have a full schedule. I have two adult classes (80 minutes long each), four or five kids classes (typically an hour each), and a bunch of those free time lessons (if you don’t know what these are, go back a couple posts!). I’m looking forward to it. There’s a lot of commuting involved, some days around an hour or more each way. I’m hoping that if I can get enough sleep the night before, I’ll be able to do some reading on the train, but trains and reading both make me sleepy. The combination will likely be brutal.

Speaking of books, I got a library card. The library is maybe a five or ten minute walk up the road and they have a small English section. Some of the bigger libraries of course have a larger English section, and I can have any of those books delivered to my neighborhood library. I doubt I’ll go very often, seeing as I brought quite a few with me (well, quite a few for me is probably not very many for other people.. I’m a slow reader…).

Anyway, it’s nearly 2:30AM here and I need my rest for tomorrow! Thanks for reading! And thanks to those of you who followed the link in the previous post and liked that Facebook page! *^_~*


one more week.

28 January 2011 § 1 Comment

I have enough deodorant to last me a good year and a half, I think. At least I’m prepared. Everyone’s been saying to make sure to stock up on stick deodorant because all there is in Japan is roll on and spray. I think I have about sixteen sticks. I have no idea how long one lasts me.

I also have a giant stack of books that I want to bring with me. Mostly poetry, books on Japan, and a variety of works by C.S. Lewis. But this girl I know who’s been living there for several years said that I should make sure that, along with lots of deodorant, I bring a bunch of books because English literature’s hard to find in Japan. I’m trying to use this as an excuse to bring a lot of books with me. I’m still in the midst of packing, though, so we’ll see how it all fits.

In exactly one week, I will nearly be at KIX, arriving in Japan to stay for fourteen months. It will be close to 4:30 PM there. No one is meeting me at the airport. Which is a shame, really, seeing as it would have been a great opportunity for someone to hold up a sign with my name on it. I’ve always wanted to arrive at an airport where some stranger is waiting for me with my name on a sign.

Yes, I’m excited. Yes, I’m scared. I’m also confident that everything will be fine and that I will have an amazing time.

A part of me feels like I should be studying up on useful Japanese phrases instead of staying up starting up a blog, but that’s what the twenty hour flight is for, right? I’m all stocked up on non-drowsy Gravol. Then, I’m also stocked up on normal, drowsy Gravol to help me sleep through a good portion of the flight. At least I know how to ask people where they’re going and if they speak any English, and comment on the apple being delicious.

Okay, so my excitement isn’t always apparent. I’m mostly preoccupied with trying to pack, seeing people, and thinking about all the dear friends that I’m going to miss. There are a lot of great people that I am going to miss.

Tomorrow I organize all my papers and make photocopies of important documents. Pretty boring stuff. But then I get to spend time with some of those dear, great people. I suppose I’d better call it a night then.

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