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13 May 2011 § 1 Comment

I sometimes find it disturbing the effect that gaming – the minimal amount I’ve done in my life – sometimes has on my perspective. As I was walking home today after a swell day out and about, I imagined myself in a game somewhat similar to the Sims. I was walking home with a smile on my face because I’d just had a great lunch and afternoon with a friend downtown and then purchased a Brita jug and new toilet bowl brush. We’d had some good conversation. Lunch was good. The weather was perfect, especially after the last couple days of rain and humidity. A blue sky. A light breeze. Birds and stuff.

I got the feeling like I had just upgraded myself somehow. Until now, I’ve been using one of the cheapest toilet bowl brushes I could find – it sort of resembles a sponge on a plastic stick. It’s kind of gross, really, but I won’t go into detail. So I bought a nice, new brush. It’s not a sponge on a stick. And it matches my shower curtains. Until now, I’ve been drinking tap water. For awhile, I honestly thought that the reason I hadn’t been drinking much water was because of the silly little glass I had, so I bought a taller glass and tried to drink more water. I’m not consciously against drinking tap water. But I just wasn’t feeling motivated. Having bought a filter today, though, my water no longer has an aftertaste and it’s wonderful.

And I kept thinking of the Sims. Because you start off with the cheapest items you can buy, and they aren’t very comfortable, y’know? The cheapest chair or the cheapest bed might be satisfactory, but it doesn’t contribute to your Sim’s sense of well-being. It gets you by. And then, once your Sim gets a job, makes some more money, you gradually upgrade and get nicer things that make life more comfortable for your Sim – it makes him/her noticeably happier.

Isn’t the Sims something that used to remind people of life? Simulated? And now it’s the other way around, where my life, living on my own for the first time, reminded me of the Sims? Ridiculous!

I wouldn’t find it so ridiculous if I hadn’t also spent part of my time in Shirahama a couple weeks ago feeling like my friends and I were in an RPG.

In other news, I saw a man walking a chipmunk on a leash today.

And unless their flight was delayed, I’ve got some family from Canada in Osaka right now. I probably won’t visit them until next week, but it’s nice knowing they’re here.


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  • Beth says:

    Chipmunk on a leash? And I thought a cat on a leash was strange. Now, thats funny!
    I need to check out that Sims game. Upgrading is good.
    I like your blog. You always have interesting things to write about.
    You are welcome to some of our rain here. We are having a major downpoor as I write.

    This has nothing to do with anything, but last night Markus and I went to a Ball. We were reenacting the war of 1812. We dressed in ballroom costumes. I made my dress and put lots of accessories with it. It turned out grea!. Ernie saw us dressed up. They even had food that represented the Regency time period. We had so much fun! More fun then I have had in a long time! Maybe our family will become reenactors for Fort George. By the time you come back from Jepan, we will be living in another time period.( not really) Just thought I would give you some thing else to think about. Now, I need to go to bed. Have a good time. Keep safe.
    Beth and family

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