my sunday in review as yours is likely just beginning.

13 February 2011 § Leave a comment

A fun day exploring today. It was one of two consecutive days off. A nice break from training. I decided to go check out one of the close by parks – Tennoji Park. Unfortunately, to access most of the park, there is a fee, but there are also other paths that are fenced off from the park that sort of still go through it. I took a stroll through there, and then we ended up in another shopping district, but I can’t remember the name of it. It was neat. I took pictures. Wandered from there into Den Den, which is Osaka’s electronics/manga/anime district. Not being too much into any of those things (except some really outdated manga and anime), we didn’t wander into many shops, though did accidentally walk into an adult DVD store, thinking it was a regular DVD store. Saw an old man walking a cat on a leash. Walked past a large cemetery and temples.

Finally went out for dinner to a really cool restaurant. I have no idea what it’s called, but everything on the menu costs 299 Yen (and a few Yen on top for tax, of course, but not much!). It was sort of like tapas, I think, though I’ve never actually had tapas. We chose a bunch of items and shared them. Tapas-y, yeah? Anyway, amazing. Had some sushi, gyoza, a couple noodley dishes, little shrimps, edamame, and what we think was little breaded bits of octopus. We will definitely be going back.

We had to wait awhile to get in there because it was so busy, so we had just over an hour to pass beforehand. We wandered around the area and eventually found another really nice restaurant. It was one of those restaurants where you have to take your shoes off, and you sit on the floor on a  cushion, and you’re in an enclosed room with sliding doors. The type that you hear about or see in the media somewhere but don’t see around much, at least in Southern Ontario. We all agreed that that was one of the first things that made this feel more like the Japan we all have in our heads. Being in Osaka is sort of like being in any other big city. And even though none of the four of us speak the language, we are all able to get by fine because a lot of Japanese people here can speak a little bit of English.

It was a pretty cool day.


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